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Understanding Health Insurance

Explore the videos below to learn more about topics of your choice!

Health Insurance Explained

A quick, lighthearted overview of health insurance.  This short video covers the "need-to-know" facts for individuals getting insured for the first time or looking for a new plan.
HI Explained

Picking A Plan on the Marketplace

Watch this video for a quick overview of things to consider when picking a health plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

How to Choose a Plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace (Extended version). Accessed June 2015.

Picking a Plan on the Marketplace

Advance Premium Tax Credits

If you are above the cutoff for medicaid, you may still qualify for Tax Credits on the Health Insurance Marketplace; these can be used to make your plan more affordable by lowering monthly premiums or providing a year-end refund.  Watch the video to learn how they work!

"Get Lower Costs on Monthly Premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Accessed June 2015.

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