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Our Team

Our vision is to see an improvement in the health of the communities we serve, through the delivery of free, quality, and comprehensive medical services to those without insurance. As we work to make this a reality, we hope to instill within students a lifelong commitment to addressing health disparities in their future work with patients and communities.

Our mission is to improve the health and healthcare access of the uninsured adult population of the greater Pinckney community while enhancing medical students’ awareness of and ability to address health inequities. 


Our Vision
Our Mission

The University of Michigan Student-Run Free Clinic (UMSRFC) is a student-run organization dedicated to providing quality health care free of charge to uninsured community members, while creating opportunities for University of Michigan students and physicians to confront health disparities through direct action.


At UMSRFC, patients receive basic primary and preventative care.  Basic tests such as routine blood work or X-rays are also free of charge when a patient is referred for testing.  For patients with more complicated mental health or women's health concerns, University of Michigan psychiatrists and gynecologists offer their services approximately every other month at UMSRFC.  The clinic leadership is continually exploring new opportunities to support the needs of its patients and its community, including interprofessional collaboration between the medical school, nursing school, dental school, public health school, and social work school at the University of Michigan. If you like to help us, please contact us or support us by making a donation.

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