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Finding Health Insurance


Health Insurance is often the gateway to restoring or maintianing your health.  Even if you feel healthy now, getting health insurance can be an important part of preventing future disease and making sure that you and your family are prepared in the case of a catastrophe.

Explore your options!


There are many ways to get health insurance in Michigan, and these may have increased since the last time your checked.



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Health Insurance, and the many terms that go with it -- deductible, copay, premium, etc. -- can be confusing; however, understanding these terms is an important part of finding coverage that works for you!  Click below for interactive resources and videos to help you understand Health Insurance and all of its parts.





Hear from Dr. Brent Williams, UMSRFC Physician


"If you've tried [to get insurance] in the past, you may not have qualified at that time -- don't give up. Come back and keep trying through us"

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